Recording-Mix and Mastering

About Us


Black and White Studios Pro is a record company run by Pete Lallis.

A great  musician who is diverse, culturally minded and equipped with a wealth  of music experience. 

Pete has played as a guitarist in a  well-known Greek bands for many years. He is also a well experienced,  disciplined studio engineer with a vast understanding of music software  and hardware.

Pete is   a qualified SAE with significant experience in mixing tracks to provide
A Final ‘Master Track.
Proven ability to set up microphones and equipment’s in the studio, for live performances
With  good practical skills coupled with multi-tasking skills and
Excellent sense of pitch ,timing and good rhythm .
Ability to create the best reverb effects ,editing on real analog tapes, fast pre mixing tracks.
Sense of taking the right track at the right moment when an artist performs  both on live and studio  recording, and ability to understand most of the times  the analysis  and the problems that sound and sound files might have.
1985-1987-Papandonopoulou College - I completed the Studio Audio Engineering.
During this time I also completed Berklee College of  Music guitar lessons.